aimee3As a woman and mother of twin girls, I know how hard it is to find the time to go shopping and find good clothes that fit perfectly. I started in the clothing business in 2007 when I came to the realization that not all of us have the time to go out and shop for expensive designer clothing. On top of that, I wanted to give women a personal shopping experience that is normally only found in high end stores. I have always focused on bringing in top quality items and fabrics at a very good value and discount from retailers. I love to help women find their favorite items that they will feel comfortable in! I really love to shop and always joke that its my “talent” but honestly finding something that ends up being someone’s favorite item makes everyone happy. I’ve been personal shopping for people for as long as I can remember.

Now that we are expanding our business online, you can shop from the comfort of any location, all of the time, instead of just at the clothing parties. We will have new updated merchandise here ready to ship all of the time! Thank you to all our clients and friends and referrals throughout the years. We are excited for this new “leaf”.